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Now is the time to renew or begin your membership in THE CHICAGO RUBBER GROUP, INC.  Click the link above to download the necessary membership forms to renew or start your membership.

Remember, that The CRG is your organization and merits the support of not only yourself, but also that of your business associates, friends, suppliers, customers and anyone else associated with the Rubber Industry.

Consider all of the benefits of belonging to our group.

· Two Technical Meetings each year providing new technology information.

·  A Course in Rubber Technology held every second year to educate anyone in the Rubber Industry.

·  We are a Subdivision of the Rubber Division, ACS, which also makes many benefits available to members.

·  The Harold Stark Memorial scholarship is awarded annually in the amount of $1,000 for 4 years to a high school graduate.

·  The Robert Kann Educational Award in the amount of $1,000 is awarded annually to someone associated with the Rubber Industry to defray the cost of taking a course to further his or her knowledge of rubber or associated industry.

·  The Boris Dinzburg Memorial Educational Award allows for one CRG Rubber Course participant receive his or her registration at no charge.

·   Two Golf Outings take place annually to raise money to fund the scholarships.

·  The Chicago Rubber Group Newsletter is issued 4 times a year to update members of our activities.

BEFORE filling in the form, make copies to pass on to your friends, suppliers, customers and associates and encourage them to also join the Chicago Rubber Group. If your company elects to take advantage of a Corporate Membership, MAKE COPIES of the Individual Application and have everyone to be included in the corporate membership complete an individual form.  Attach all of the individual forms to the Corporate Form and return them to:

Paul Stoeck

Membership Chair

The Chicago Rubber Group

c/o Trostel Ltd.

901 Maxwell St.

Lake Geneva, WI  53147

Or submit your membership materials electronically by:

  • Going to

  • Click “Add to Cart” under “Corporate Membership,” or “Individual Membership.”

  • Click “Proceed to Checkout” on the shopping cart page.

  • Forward your email payment confirmation to Paul Stoeck, the CRG Membership Chair at

  • You still must either mail in your membership forms, or scan them in to an electronic format and email them to the Membership Chair at the above email address.  We recommend you do an entirely electronic submission by email if you opt to pay electronically so that all your membership materials remain together.

  • Electronic forms will be made available at some time in the future from this website, but for now we continue with the paper form. 

  • If you are a member of The Rubber Division ACS and one or more Rubber Groups, you can renew all your memberships at once.  If you wish to join via this route, click this link:

Revised 01/18/2016