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 Area Director's Report for September, 2017

Rubber Video:

The Rubber Division sponsored’ ACS Video on rubber has been released.  The video is posted on ACS and PBS' channels on Facebook, YouTube and other social platforms. In terms of exposure, the average video gets 123,000 views on YouTube and Facebook.  Click on the link to view the ACS/PBS Reactions video,  
Building Purchase:

After years of renting space from the University of Akron the Rubber Division has decided to purchase its own building  - Steering Committee moved to approve the purchase of the building located at 306 N. Cleveland-Massillon Road, Akron OH. Currently they have put down a $5,000 Ernest Deposit starting the purchase process.
2017 International Elastomer Conference is October 9 - 12 at Cleveland Convention Center - hope to see you there!

Rick Webb, CRG Rubber Division Area Director

Revised 09/12/2017