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Executive Committee: Here is my final update for 2018.  Diane and I wish you all a wonderful Holiday, Christmas and New Year!   I am looking forward to a great year in 2019.  Ed


1.  Steering Minutes:  The 2018 and 2019 Steering Committees’ minutes are attached.  I also attached the 2018 Annual Report of Division Accomplishments.


2.  Chemistry of TPE Award:  Gretchen advised that we now have a new sponsor for our Chemistry of Thermoplastic Elastomers Award!  It is Renkert Oil, LLC who has assumed sponsorship effective in 2019 from the Ralph S. Graff Foundation due to the sad passing of Ralph.  The sponsorship investment is $4,500, however, for 2019 we will charge them $4,265 since we received $235 as donations from family members of Ralph’s. 


3.  IRCO Conference in 2019:  Nicole advised that she has set up 4 education courses with ARDL President Bonnie Stuck to be offered by the Rubber Division at the IRCO Conference in London on September 3-5, 2019.  These include Dynamic Viscoelastic Properties Review (3 hours), Fillers: Non-black and Carbon Black (2.5 hours), Compound Design, Problem Solving and Failure Analysis (2 hours) and Basic Rubber Compounding (6 hour).


4.  Membership:  Heather advised that current Rubber Division individual Membership is at 2560, with 57 Corporate Members.  The newest to become a Corporate Member this week is Wealth Ocean Inc. (Raw Materials Supplier).  Additionally, the four universities that form the Brazil Student Chapter held a meeting on December 14th where our Affiliated Technical Organization (ABTB) was able to attend and support them.  2019 Chair Mike Morrow and Heather sent a quick video talking about the benefits that come with being involved with the Rubber Division and the student chapter, to entice more students to get involved. 


5.  2019 IEC:  Beth advised that we currently have the following numbers for the 2019 International Elastomer Conference in Cleveland: 179 booths at 46,800 sf and $1,379,500 in revenue (budget is $1,600,000); and $13,900 in revenue for online marketing (budget is $27,000).  Exhibitor Meeting Rooms budgeted revenue is $45,000; however, these spaces are not currently available for sale.   


Edward L. Miller, MSCE, MBA, PE

Executive Director
Rubber Division, ACS

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195th Technical Meeting
April 30-May2, 2019
Independence, OH


International Elastomer Conference
October 8-10, 2019
Cleveland, OH