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 Area Director's Report for May, 2017

The 191st  Technical Meeting was held April 25 - 27 in Beachwood, OH. The Keynote speaker for the event was Kurt Aerts Vice President of Specialty Elastomers with Exxon Mobil.  Attendance was over 230 making it the best attended Spring meeting in several years.  Some of the motions passed in the meeting was the acceptance of  student chapter of Lodz University (Poland) into the Rubber Division., as well as 2019 and 2020 cost for a booth per square foot was increased by $2 per square foot.  The 2017 Fall International Rubber & Advanced Materials in Healthcare Expo will be held in Cleveland, OH October 9 - 12.  We already have 203 exhibitors registered - so we hope you can join us there this Fall.

Rick Webb, CRG Rubber Division Area Director

Revised 05/08/2017