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The Chicago Rubber Group would like to thank the individuals and companies that have supported our programs over the years. 

We are asking both manufacturers and suppliers to consider an annual donation since everyone receives benefits from our organization. These include:

  • A three-day course in Rubber Technology every second year.
  • Two technical meetings a year designed to interest the group.      
  • The Rubber Division, ACS, of which we are a subsidiary, offers 3 correspondence courses in Rubber Technology.
  • The Harold Stark Memorial Scholarship is offered to one high school senior entering college or university, based on their ACT scores.
  • The Robert Kann Memorial Education Award is available to anyone in the rubber industry to subsidize the cost of any a course benefiting their job.
  • Our eNewsletter provides information on activities to our members and email subscribers.
  • The annual summer Golf Outings offer much needed relaxation and camaraderie.

These activities require a lot of support by the volunteers on the Board and in the various committees as well as financial contributions from companies such as yours. In order to continue to provide these services, we are asking you to make an annual donation of $300 to the Chicago Rubber Group.  This donation is a one-time payment annually that covers donations of:

  • $150 for the CRG Chicago Golf Outing and
  • $75 each for the two Technical Meetings

With the exception of the Golf Outings, which are the source of money for the Scholarships, the other activities tend to run at a loss, hence our request for your assistance. 

If you participate in the CRG Wisconsin Golf Outing, and make an annual donation, please remember that it does not include a contribution to this outing. The recommended donation amount for this outing is $130.

We would also like to solicit your help in encouraging membership in the Chicago Rubber Group by all of your fellow employees and friends in the industry. Follow the links on the website to our Membership Page to download the applications for both Corporate and Individual Membership in the Chicago Rubber Group. Corporate membership is attractive for larger companies to encourage ALL of their employees in the design, processing, engineering or supplying of rubber compounds, parts, equipment or raw materials to become members. If a Corporate membership is chosen, please be sure that INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP forms are completed for each person.

It is hoped that you and your company have a successful year and thank you in advance for your support. 

Please visit our Payments Page, then click the "Donate" button to make a donation by credit card, or send check donations to:

Deidre Tucker

CRG Treasurer

SKF Sealing Solutions

900 North State Street

Elgin, IL 60123

Note:  If you opt to donate electronically via credit card, please forward your donation confirmation email to Be sure to include the name of your company in your email unless you are making a personal donation.

Page Updated 04/16/2019